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hard shoulder manual and spareparts

Okay, we all have one or more VW's so like me nobody has or
need a road service card for the aircooled. In Holland a nice man 
in a VW will assist you with a breakdown if you have or buy such a card.
VW advertised with it: "Do you know what your waiting for when you call
the roadside service?..."
I'm sure you guys can make use of an equivelant service but like me 
you don't pay contribution for something you don't need. (I really never 
needed it and i don't have one.) 
But in the unique event you do have a stroke of unusual, coincidental
failure with our indestructable car's: what's next? We don't all
share Jim's encyclopedic knowledge of our wonderfull machine.

You need a pocket "first aid" book with all the roadside tricks 
there are, especially for the type 3. It fits in your shirtpocket so 
also in the glove compartment.
I have one (in dutch). Free translated it's called "Breakdown? Drive away!" 
80 pages with all the info you need when your car is doing the 
unthinkable; a mechanical defect. (first check if there's gas in the
tank!) Step by step it leads you to the cause of your problem: Ideal! 
Do you guy's have something like that? If so could it be scanned and put 
on our new site? Would be a great asset.  

Question #2: What spareparts do we take with us to help ourselves in this
rare event. I'm going to make a tour to the Grossglockner (Austria) and 
wanna compose a "first aid kit". Suggestions? (I have a spare engine and it
does fit in the squareback but....)

Richard Visser
'67 SB The Hague Holland

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