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Re: doors - early vs. late

>Al and All
>The 65 and earlier doors mount with slide in hinges and 6 bolts, the 66 and up
>ones had bolt on tabs and 4 screws.  there NOT interchangable.

Well, yes they are. the '62 has a '68-69 door on it.  Unless they went to
the trouble of changing out the hinges from the doors...  I doubt it though.

>as for the
>interior peices, the 67 and earlier ahd different armrests and mounts

OK i was one year off.

>and the 72-3 had a bolt on armrest rater than the slide over clip of the

This I didn't know.

and from Bruce:

>64 has the option of duals, push button lights etc. they change in 65.

They changed MID '64  I have a late '64 without pushbuttons  and an early
'64 with pushbuttons.  The OPTION of duals went from 64 throughout end of
production in some countries, I've heard, but they were not available
untill  '64.

>4 lug came in 66 with front disks.  65 in 5 lug.

You are correct.  I made a  typo.

I am putting together a complete Type Three Parts Book - Online - that will
document parts numbers. The site will be available, though not in
completion (it's a BIG book), probably later this month.  Sections will be
added as finished.

Big Al

"The rarest-of-the-rare Volkswagens"
Type 3 Cabriolet Prototype Project

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