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Re: doors - early vs. late

>Are all year model doors interchangeable?  (i.e. can you put late model
>doors on an early model fastback?)
>'69 fastback

I know for a fact.

YES, it will fit and work.  The '62 I just picked up has a '68-'69 door on
it.  The only catch is that you have to use the guts and inner door panel
and inner door handle - everything -  from the later door. you can't
(without major reconstructive surgery) use the earlier items on the late
door except the door glass pain.

Hmmm, wait, I just noticed that you have a '69.  From '67 to '72 the doors
will be the same. I think that the door latch changed on a '73.  Can
anybody confirm?  Square, Notch, Fastback are all the same (in same years).

When talking about  early and late doors,  '67 and later is the dividing
line, where '70 and later  is the dividing line for the other body panels.

Major dividing lines of early vs. late:
mid '64+ for headlight & wiper switches and dual carbs,
'65+  for 4 lug brakes and wheels,
'67+ for stock 12V system and doors,
'68+  for front seat headrests and introduction of  FI and Automatic - IRS
rear end,
'70+  for body change, taillights

Evolving almost yearly, eh?

Greg, do we need a FAQ on year changes?

Anyway, I have doors that you might want.  Shipping will be up there
though, coming from Texas.  Where are you?

Big Al

"The rarest-of-the-rare Volkswagens"
Type 3 Cabriolet Prototype Project

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