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Re: Seats, what else will fit?

On 06-Feb-98, MrRebel666@aol.com wrote:
>okay...so bug seats won't fit...is there any other car seats that will fit
the type 3 seat rails?  I think I heard something about saab seats a while
back...the problem I have is that my car is pretty junky so iIcan't really
justify spending a lot of money on seats...and there are no type 3's in the
junkyards in Florida (I've looked quite a bit).  any ideas?


If you're average size, (not like me 6'2") you can fit Subaru '80 - '84 Leone
seats on to the original T3 bases by removing a couple of bits and drilling 4
holes - you remove the sliders off the Subaru seats, take the VW squabs off
the base, remove the round adjusting knob and rod off the base and drill a
hole in each corner to correspond with the thread on the bottom of the Subaru
seats where the sliders were attached, use the existing bolts and screw on to
the VW base then slide it all back into the car.

These Subaru seats, which have removable/adjustable headrests, tilt forward
enough to get
in the car, they also lay back
and if you get them off the top of the range model the drivers seat also has a
lumbar adjustment.

Both my brother and I have these seats in out T3's, his are on the original VW
bases and mine are on specially made up ones to accommodate my long legs.

If you want to see what they look like go to our T3 Register web page at:


Click on "members cars" in the "Scrapbook" section and go to Bernie's car, the
beige '68 Notch.

Andy - Oz T3 Register.  

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