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Re: notch on AT&T ad ?

I've been tricked by those damn Volvos too...there was one time we were at a show
in my friend's 69 Fastback and there was a huge field that everyone parked in.  As
we were leaving, and many of the cars were already gone...I saw way on the other
side of the field, beginning to pull away, a 'notch'.  I said to Sam, (who had
been wanting a notch so bad he could taste it) 'Hey, is that a notch??'  He said
nothing, just stepped on the gas and we went flying across the field in his poor
little T3...Then we caught up to the guy and realized it was a Volvo...the guy
driving had a rather strange look on his face.
    There was another time, a guy I worked with told me there was "a car just like
yours only with a trunk..." sitting beside this shed...you know the rest...


Boyd Drew wrote:

> I havent actually seen the commercial yet, but I was coming out of the grocery
> store last night when my fiancee says look a notchback.  I look up and lo and
> behold, the offending volvo!  At first glance it really did look like a notch
> though.  really like the overriders. (wonder if they will fit on a Notch
> bumper???)
> Boyd Drew
> 1965 Notchback 1500s (hangar queen)
> 1971 Super Beetle (hey, I gotta race somethin!)
> boyddrew@us.ibm.com
> http://www.geocities.com/motorcity/7151

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