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RE: Seats

I have been sitting back (pun intended) quietly in a lowback office chair
reading all the notes about the seats for T3s and thought I would throw my
three cents in.

J.L.M. wrote:
>I was thinking like, seats from a BMW or something.

I too want to upgrade the seats in my 72 Fastback (stock highback seats).  I am
going to go for a non-stock upgrade since I have a pair of leather trimmed 96
Mustang seats hanging in my garage.  These seats have manual lumbar and side
bolster adjustment as well as the normal recline/tilt feature.  They also have
fully adjustable headrests.

The problem with any non-stock upgrade is mounting the seats to the body
structure.  It would be possible to put BMW seats or anything esle for that
matter into a VW, provided that they are not too wide.  We T3ers have it a bit
easier then are bug cousins given the extra width of our rides. Mounting the
seat is non-trivial since it is very important should you get in an accident.
 You don't want the extra weight of the seat trying to push you through the
windshield.   I will be engineering my mount system for the Mustang seats and
would be happy to share the designs with the list when I am done.

Just some ramblings. BTW, I will be glad to sell/trade my stock seats when I am
done as well.

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