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RE: Seats

In summary and in explanation:

In the lower section of the front door frame is a little lever
that is attached to a cable that runs beneath the carpet.
The cable is attached to the underside of the seat and
only when the door is open is the catch in a position to 
allow the seat to fold forward.  Later years went to the more
conventional handle on the side of the seat itself method.

Some problems with that system have been sticking cables
leading to bent levers, disconnected cables, catches busted,
and cables removed altogether.

Newer TIII seats with integral headrests can be readily installed,
none from any years from bugs.  No mention was made of a seat
that had a 'separate' headrest.  Mine are one tall seats.  Seatbelts
were and easy install as the door pillar bolt holes were already there
in my '67.  Pulled them out of the same later TIII I got the seats from.
Again, gotta be a TIII, as the hump arrangement is TIII specific.

1968 was the first year highbacks were available in the US, and 
they may have been become mandatory in 1972.

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>Safety seats began in May 1972, in the US anyway, and no they are not
interchangable with the earlier ones but all the earlier ones interchange
with each other
>except if you put lowbacks in a highback car you'll lack the automatic
>built-in seatback release and be screwed.

How does that work, anyway?  It seems to only be possible to lean the seat
when the door is open?

This thread has been very confusing to me.  I have read both that it might
be, and it won't be,
possible to put high-back bucket seats in my square.  I was thinking like,
seats from a BMW or 

>Lowbacks were avail for ALL years in some part of the world anyway

How about lowbacks with *headrests* ?  That would take care of me...  That
and shoulder belts. 

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