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'66 Squareback lives, Electrical questions.

Well, I took another, closer look at the '66 
today, since I got 1/2 the day off (since I went 
to work at 4:00 AM :-(

Well, I changed the fuses and she started right up,
or as right up as she ever does, considering the 6v

I figured out that the mysterious relay under the deck is
in fact a 6v starter relay.  Not only that, it really looks
like it was professionally installed.  I'd even believe the
car was delivered with it.  So the good news is that I have
a starter relay; (some of) the bad news is that it is still 
often hard to start even with the relay.  Especially on hot 
days.  Not that hot days are a problem at this moment.

Well, never mind all that since she starts up today.

My intention is to get everything about the 6v system squared
away as much as possible in anticipation of the 6v-12v conversion.

I pulled down the headlight relay first; brushed off the contacts,
played with the dimmer switch for a while.  Works fine.

Hopefully I will be able to use whatever beetlebug headlight
relay when I get around to needing the 12v one.

Then I pulled out the 9-terminal *blue* (NOT black) box.

This thing was very corroded.  It was also full of brown moldy looking
stuff.  I blew it out as best I could.  I think I would like to replace
it with something made in the last decade or two.  It reminded me of 
cleaning out this 1950's gas oven that we got.  Yuck.  People have no
idea what grows inside their major appliances, do they?

May I describe this so that the gurus may tell me what I 
can replace it with (A) now for six volt and (B) later for 
twelve volts.

 Warn-Blinkgeber, Hella
 1-4 x 18w

 Okay, my intuition tells me that's a Warning-geblinker box made by hella,
 6volts, 30 watts, (96???), single pole-4 throw??, 18watts???
 Anyway the wires on it all agree with my wiring diagram:

 -S  Brown
 54	 (Open)
 15  Black
 KBL Blue/green
 VL  Black/white
 VR  Black/green
 54f (Open)
 49a (2 wires) Blue, and Black/green/white
 30  Red

 OkeyDokey?  Can I use 111-953-225B (RMMW Fall 97. p. 112)  [RMMW Winter 98 came with lots of pages missing!!!]

 Next, the voltage regulator looks, well, deprecated to me.  It has
 been worked on by some PO, to the extent that the wires all have
 black tape on them.  So... for the 6v replacement, why can't I just
 replace it with the one from the GR11X Generator (Listed in RMMW as a
 66 bug part, 0-190-213-036.  And what is different with 0-190-213-032 ?
 (these numbers are from RMMW catalog).

 I spent the rest of my time overhauling a fuel gauge.  A while back I
 had the instrument disintegrate (the trim piece fell off) so I replaced
 it with a 12v one.  But the 12v gas gauge doesn't read correctly,
 so today I put the 6v gauge into the "12v" instrument.  Much better.

The only thing I did bad today was I snapped a mounting ear off my fuse
block while trying to fish my hand behind the dash.  Still grounds okay.
Bummer.  I did the same thing to my bus.

I don't mind if you criticize me for wanting to do the 12v conversion,
and I don't mind if you are puzzled as to why I would replace 6v parts
and THEN do the conversion.  It makes sense to me... It might be months
before I even get all the parts together.  During that time I can be
driving the car.

I was also thinking today about the generator problem.  Definitely two
ways to go on that one.  Get the Kymco 12v-generator in a 6v housing
(Comes with regulator for $160).  That's what I intend to do, and
I will order one asap.  The other way is pretty intriguing though.
Change the sheet metal and the stand to fit the 12v type3 generator.
But around here it might be next to impossible to get that fan shroud.
(I'm worried about getting a Doghouse fan and cooling tin for my bus when
I put a new motor in, even!)  But the advantage to that is that the part
is standard, where the next generator from Kymco might not be available.
Decisions decisions.

Thanks plenty!

g-r-a-t-e-f-u-l-l-y---[   email:<fishbowl@conservatory.com>   ]---l-i-v-i-n-g
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