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Rear Wiper Info

Been slow to this thread, but thought I'd
chime in here, finally.

While I personally don't use the rear wiper
on either vehicle I possess that has one, it's
your car.  The reason is that the rear window 
gets a LOT of dirt onto it, and wiping that
dirt across glass is not a good thing.  If I
was going to install one from scratch, I'd set
it up to spray the glass thoroughly BEFORE
the wipers acts, AND have a wiper with 
integral washer nozzles.

As for installation, I saw something at 
Sacramento Vintage Ford that may either
be of direct use or as a lead for finding
something similar at another custom parts
supplier (getting parts for my truck).

They had a unit to remotely locate the motor
and using a flexible cable/sheath arrangement,
used to upgrade the existing wipers with modern
wiper motors.

For a custom application, one could use any
standard motor, any standard wiper shaft base,
and connect them with this unit to place the motor
at a location that was more suitable.

>From a shear practicality standpoint, I'd rather
have a wiper that kept the driver's SIDE window
and side view mirror clean.  Now THERE'S a
customization challenge!

BTW, Sacramento Vintage Ford can be reached at:
Most customization shops should be able to locate
a similar unit.

I have NO interest in actually doing any of the things
I suggested above, I like things stock, but YMMV.
Just passing along ideas and potential solutions.

- Jeff   Iwanna21/23windowsunroofDeluxe! for daily driving
'80 Westi  (2)   BOTH FOR SALE
'67 Sqbk    '64 Ford Crewcab 
'87 Subaru 4WD   '97 Nissan Quest
Grass Valley, California, USA

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