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Re: Various

Laurie S=> it says ('77 Square), did they make them then?


Subject: Notch, parts trade?

SanDiegoChris=> Where is the best place to get parts? (cheapest)

=> left front turn assembly, and the rear engine mount tube.

Haunt the old junkyards and you're likely to find the engine mount 
(although the consensus of the list seems to be that this part isn't 
really all that necessary). You might find a turn signal assembly, there 
too, but I wouldn't hope too hard. When you're sick of slogging through 
mud to look at rusty hulks, try Bill & Steve's. Jim Adney (on this list) 
might have the engine mount, but don't quote me. He's out of the country 
right now.

=> nice bumpers.

Realistically? In your (our) dreams. You can get fiberglass Euro-style 
bumpers from Innovations in Phoenix to tide you over while you're 
looking and saving your pennies.

=> No parts catalog I have found has type 3 parts. Will this ever happen?

It's not likely that we'll see a lot more than there is already, but 
there are Type 3 parts to some extent in most all the major repro supply 
catalogs. It *seems* like there's nothing when we're looking for 
something more than the simplest stuff, I admit, but we aren't 
*completely* out in the cold.

I imagine that if we could gather enough potential buyers for a specific 
repro part, we could get something made. All we have to do is pull 
together and get organized ....

Subject: Fresh Air Fan

JeffT=> I'm curious if anyone has a fresh air fan motor laying around or 
     => for sale.  

Don't know what you're referring to, since on the T3 the fresh air is 
driven by the engine fan. T4s have electric fresh-air fans, and you can 
get aftermarket electric booster fans for VW heating systems. Do you 
have something like that?

Subject: Re:Steering box questions

Thanks for the reply, Luke! So far I have two votes for grease and one 
for gear oil (from my VW-trained mechanic) -- any more takers? I'd like 
to hear especially from drivers of '66 and earlier T3s.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KGhia 1600 (coming along nicely now!)

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