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Brake Problems !

Hello All,

     My problem begins about a week ago, my 69 squareback  needed a
conplete brake overhaul.
So I gave it the works, new calipiers, pads, front rotors ( and wheel
bearings), flex hoses( fronts only the rears looked good ),
rear shoes,brake cylinders ( I was able to cut the drums ) and a new master
    Everything went in as to be expected ( for a 29 year old car ) a few
problems here and there but no extra parts left over.
The problem began when it was" bleeding time".  I bled and bled and bled
and bled and bled....Well I made my point.
I was never able to obtain a solid brake pedal on the first pump.  It
always took 2-3 pumps.  I kid you not, I bled 1 quart of brake fluid out of
each wheel. I used the service manuals bleeding proceedure and sequence.
    So I figured I got a bad Master Cylinder from my parts butthead !!!  So
I got another one.   Same crap !
So I studied the the service manual and found a small note under the
section of replacing the master cylinder.  The manual tells you to remove
the brake press switches ( 2 ea ) and save the seals to be installed on the
new master cylinder.
    What seals... I didn't see any seals... thats it [ I thought ].  So I
called my friendly VW dealer/parts guy.( I'm happy now I think I solved the
problem)  He tells me there are no seals there, the presure switches have
pipe threads on them.[ My parts guy clams he worked on these when they were
new, he's about the right age and so far he's been pretty relieable.]
    So now I'm back to square one...( and unhappy )

Any suggestions ....

Thanks ,

John Z 
69 squareback

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