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Re: Look at this squareback

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, David Yaghoubian wrote:

>We are now the proud owners of a *cherry* 1965 Cadillac DeVille convertible!! 
>Laugh with me about this my dear VW friends!  I've gone to the Other
>Side!!!!! 3;-}
>Now we have Ying and Yang.  The utilitarian, zippy white Squareback in all
>it's German
>glory, and the  Supreme Land Shark w/ it's 350bhp 429 V-8 10mpg and "Comfort 

Are you *sure* about that 10mpg?  Are you being cynical or realistic?
Reason I am asking is that before replacing the transmission and also 
doing the usual tuneup stuff on our old caddy, we had been getting ~8 mpg.
After we got nearly 20mpg.  
I had a similar experience with the '59 Chevy Impala.  I would be happy
with 20mpg from my bus, let alone a caddilac.

>My philosophy is this:  if there is so much as a door handle left on the
>Cadillac after
>using it (and enjoying it like a new car :) after 2 years, then we WIN,
>because at this point
>with our Jetta lease it's kissing 8 grand goodbye with nothing to show for

I thought the whole point of leasing a car was so that you could buy it for
a far discounted price at the end of the lease.  Like, now you have a used 
jetta that they can sell you for way less than book.  

>as I thought I had been raised (in the back of my own Sqbk growing up!) to
>22 foot long "gas guzzlers".  But I digress!  I think somebody should go
>buy that bitchin'

If you are only getting 10mpg after changing the
plugs/points/condenser/cap/rotor/wires, setting up the carb properly
and with the timing spot on, there really is something wrong.  The old
boats aren't as bad as their reputations.

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