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Re: Look at this squareback

At 08:19 AM 2/2/98 -0500, Robert & Carolyn wrote:
>We are the owners of this Squareback
>(http://www.knowitallproductions.com/vw) and would like to say Thanks for
>the compliment. With regard to the price, we can show receipts with this
>much invested.  We take the point of view that  it's the same as buying a
>non-expensive new car--but this one won't depreciate!  

That's what I thought when I saw the photos of this killer car!  Like, why
would you
go out and lease/buy a new 20k+ VW or E-Ahula Ulla when you could own this

I recently took my own advise after spending 8k over the last  2 years to
lease a Jetta 
with/for my wife.  We decided it was such a damn waste of money (now that
we have to
give the car back !) that we decided to buy a classic, *fully* restored car
off one of my best friends
for the same price a leased car would cost for another 2 years and own
something that is 
appreciating, that is epic, and that you don't see everyday.

We are now the proud owners of a *cherry* 1965 Cadillac DeVille convertible!! 
Laugh with me about this my dear VW friends!  I've gone to the Other
Side!!!!! 3;-}
Now we have Ying and Yang.  The utilitarian, zippy white Squareback in all
it's German
glory, and the  Supreme Land Shark w/ it's 350bhp 429 V-8 10mpg and "Comfort 

My philosophy is this:  if there is so much as a door handle left on the
Cadillac after
using it (and enjoying it like a new car :) after 2 years, then we WIN,
because at this point
with our Jetta lease it's kissing 8 grand goodbye with nothing to show for
it.  If, after 2 years 
we decided the Cad was a bad idea, then we can sell it and go back down to
VWoA with
our tails between our legs and lease one of those Millenium Jettas they got
in the works... ;)

I am still wondering what the kharmatic effects of this are going to be in
the Long Run,
as I thought I had been raised (in the back of my own Sqbk growing up!) to
22 foot long "gas guzzlers".  But I digress!  I think somebody should go
buy that bitchin'
resto squareback was my point......  no bad kharma, all fun    :)

Dave Y.
68 Sqbk (and a new American friend named Yang :)

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