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Scat shifters & aftermarket steering wheels...

Well, I installed my Scat Drag shifter and Futuro steering wheel this

There were a few folks a while back who mentioned that they didn't care
for the "notchy" feel of the shifter... but I love it. Nice and tight
and that shortened throw is just too sweet. (Toby E. - yup, that all
metal handle was mighty chilly this morning).

I also replaced the shift rod bushing while I was in there... I don't
recommend that job to anyone unless they are either: A - going
completely nuts due to the incessant rattling of the rod (my case) *OR*
B - they are already nuts, and this would be a good means of therapy
(well, I might fall under this category too). It took 2 people and ~3
hours to do this, though I suppose the next time would only take half
that time. But the end result is absolutely no rattling whatsoever...
very nice.

The new steering wheel is quite nice as well, though the quality could
be a bit better. I don't think the leatherette cover will last too long.
It feels great while driving, thick and "grippy". I installed the 14 1/2
inch diameter wheel and would prefer a bit larger one, the gas gauge is
a little tricky to read now. But all-in-all it makes driving the car
much more fun (yes I realize this is subjective... to each his/her own).

Now she just needs new wheels and a tint job and she's done...
...yea right. Are they *ever* done?

T o M

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