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Unlowering Squareback

Is there a special tool required to unlower a square?

My husband has gotten our whole family addicted!  He is about to purchase
our forth Type 3.  That will make 2 Fastbacks & 2 Squarebacks.   Our kids
(Son, 7 & Daughter, 4) have already claimed which Type 3 they want when
they are old enough to drive! Even at 4 yrs old our daughter spots T3's and
gets all excited!!  Next we'll have to find a Notch, so we'll have at least
one of each.

Anyhoo, This latest addition was lowered in the back and in the manual it
looks like they are using a special tool to make the adjustments.  Anyone
have any helpful hints on what to look for and how to do it?????

Sure did miss all the banter, glad to be back!!!!

'70 Fastback (parts)
'71 Fasback (daily driver)
'72 Squareback (project)
'72 Squareback - new addition 

At 08:01 AM 2/2/98 PST, you wrote:
> I have Three, Type-3 projects, i'm working on now. But I have 4
>Type-3's, you would think i've seen enough. OH NO, not me. I'm driving
>along in heavy traffic. Then my 11 year old son, spots a Type-3's rear
>end about six blocks away. My addiction, kicks in. Like a surgeon, my
>son and I start checking, our seat belts, roll the windows up. And
>we're off, driving like a mad man, zigging, and a zagging through
>traffic. Breaking every law know to man, just to pull up next to this
>car, and check it out. Grinning we give, the other driver a "Thumbs-Up".
>And we are satisfided. The problem is my ADDICTION, has passed to my
>KIDS. My 3 year old, is learning fast. Have a "TYPE-111 DAY"
>63 Pro Stock Drag Notch
>65 Sunroof Notch (major project)
>63 European Sqbk
>66 Sqbk
>65 Double Door panel bus

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