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VW Art Work

I am really sorry if this message is starting to look real familiar to some of
you, but I did not receive any replies and did not see it in the archives or
the digests, and with all the mail trouble.....

This is also a test, now that Greg has be back on the umich list, (Thanks for
the work around (back?) - Greg.  I am getting my mail load and clear).

I have been doing illustrations of cars for myself and friends for several
years and thought it would be a good way to make some extra cash (to buy T3
parts, of course :^)  ) if I offered this service to my fellow T3ers.  The
illustrations are full color pen and ink about 12-15" long.  I typically spend
about 12-15 hours and would charge between $85-$100 per illustration.  I have a
REAL job and three small kids and a wife and my Fastback (if I ever get it from
NY) so delivery would be  month or so and I would only take on one project at a

If you are interested in having your T3 immortalized in an original piece of
art or want to see what your finished project will look like ( I can draw it
any color you want and with any  modifications, etc) let me know.  I have
scanned my latest illustration (a black '63 Corvette) and can e-mail it to you
if you want to see the kind of work that I am talking about.

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