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Ok ok!  I'm an addict.  There I said it......do you feel better
now.....I sure do!  I've been daydreaming alot.....and I hit the snooze
in the morning about 1 or 2 times more....and just lay there thinking of
what I need to do next to my squareback.  

To the person that was getting that old sound deadening material  :-)
Good luck......I got it out of my car.....but it was scrape scrape
scrape.  You think you had a bad time, when I got my bought my car I had
3 inches of water in the back foot area and it was all frozen with
tennis balls and ball point pens and etc.  You think your having a time
taking that black mat out.....how about my car!  That stuff was like
welded to it because of the water.  And can you believe.....its not even
rotted at all!!!!!

Thanks for the little postings you do.....I just removed my first gauge
(clock).  I printed out your step by step from way back.....and it was
perfect tab for tab.

I ran into someone that has an ultra rare gauge package for a type 3 ,
the original package tray and pop out window for both late and early
models.  Does anyone know what gauge package they could be talking

72' Pumpkin(SB) with a sunroof

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