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Re: [T3] Sound Off TYPE III Fans

In a message dated 12/3/98 9:59:02 AM Pacific Standard Time,
toby.erkson@intel.com writes:

> What I don't understand is how some people go through many cars (I'm just
>  using James thread as an example).  Do you volks actually buy, insure,
>  drive, then sell these cars?  How/why do you go through them?  Or do you
>  count donor cars as well?

The way we work is like this.  the Notch and the GTi are daily drivers.  The
bus and the square arent.  We're currently focussing mainly on the square
since it's the easiest to fix and get back on the road.  Once it's back to
daily driver status, we'll probably put the notch in the garage (It's most
likely going to need a  new front clip too) and then continue to work on
getting the bus back on the road.  Once the bus is roadworthy we'll have 3
cars requiring insurance and one of them, the bus, will probably get antique
car insurance.  We plan on going through the notchback fairly thoroughly and
once it's done it prolly wont be a daily driver (antique car insurance) and we
can then put the GTi in the garage and drop the new 1.8l Turbo motor in it.
Basically there will ALWAYS be one car that's currently off the road and not
requiring insurance.  The other non daily driver will be insured under antique
insurance and the 2 daily drivers will be fully insured.  We're paying about
$1600 a year now for full ( and I mean full) insurance for the 2 of us.  That
includes rental car, windshield coverage, and $250 deductables and Katie's
only 20 and does have one fully at fault accident on her record.  I figure
that's not too  bad really.  Especially for living in Los Angeles.

If there ever does come a day that all 4 of our cars are up to our standards
and expectations and we dont have any major repairs to do on any of
them................well I guess it's just time to buy a few more isnt it?
It's no fun only having fully restored (to whatever expectations you want)
cars is it?.......is there any VW owner that has no projects?  Seems odd to me


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