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Re: Chrome Bumpers

Determine if its surface rust or pits that are poking through from the
back.  If it's just surface rust, you can do what you've just done and
just use car wax over it, there's also numerous chrome polishes which
will also remove the rust and leave a film of wax which will help.
It'll be back, though.  Rust-through from the back side means you have
a hunt for some better parts ahead of you. 

 When you get around to having the thing rechromed, ask for
"triple-plate" at the plating shop.  What that means is the first
layer is plated with copper, the next layer is nickle and the last
layer is decorative chrome.  Since decorative chrome plate is slightly
porous(this is where the rust comes from) and doesn't adhere too well
to steel(ever seen a peeling bumper?), the triple plating helps with
both problems.  It costs more, that's why bargain rechroming isn't.

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:31:24 +0100, you wrote:

>Can anyone tell me what to do about the small rust spots on my new cars
>bumpers. I have removed the actual rust with a mild plastic scouring pad but
>want to know how to treat them properly.
>I cannot afford to have them re-chromed at the moment and would like to
>control the decay until I can get them done.
>PS Please dont use US Brand names as I dont know what they are. For example

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