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T3: Glendale Swap meet/show report

April 5th, the place: Glendale, AZ, the purpose: swap meet to benefit the
local food bank, the report: Very Good.

Good Type 3 turnout, I believe 6 vehicles in the show, including a sweet
PearlWeiss '65 Squareback that was slammed a little too low for my tastes
and a nice '64 2-tone Blue/White Notch with whitewalls, owned by local Scott

Saw 2 panel conversion Squarebacks in the parking lot - 1 burgundy one that
was nice, 1 4-tone nightmare that was hard to even look at without shedding
a tear for a destroyed Type 3.  It had cut rear fenders, a sloppy panel job,
and big aluminum Truck side skirts.  ;-)

Also saw a sweet '66 Squareback in the parking lot, same color as my '65
(Sea Blau). It was completely restored (although cal rubber was used) and
was beautiful to behold.  White interior, white steering wheel and column,
damn, I can't even explain how awesome it was!  If it was a '65, I probably
would have lost it right there, I came pretty close in any case... I really,
really  wanted to find the owner but he was nowhere to be seen.  So if
anyone knows the guy/girl...

Anyway, I took massive pictures so look for them on my site in about 2 weeks
or so after I purchase a scanner.

Thanks for listening,
Everett Barnes                The Type II and III Experience
ebus@ebus.simplenet.com       http://ebus.simplenet.com/Volkswagen

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