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T3: Fiberglass Type III hinge covers

A while ago, Toby Erkson posted the message below on the fiberglass hinge
covers offered by Innovations.  When we did our Squareback resto last year
(http://www.knowitallproductions.com/vw), we waited for Innovations'
long-promised hinge covers, but they didn't happen as scheduled, so we went
with another vendor.  Per Toby, they weren't worth waiting for anyway.

A company in Florida made a fine pair of fiberglass hinge covers for our '73
Sqbk, and they're available if you need this hard-to-find item.  Contact
Stew at Creative Car Craft at 941-283-8989, or email cccvw@aol.com.  This
company does excellent work in all types of custom fiberglass body
components.  They've been around since 1974.

We're grateful to quality companies like Creative Car Craft for making our
Squareback a show winner.  By the way, we have to mention that we won
another first place trophy for Type III class this past weekend at the VW
East Coast-West Coast Shootout in Clearwater.  There were four Squarebacks
and two Notches entered in Type III.

Robert & Carolyn Wilson
St. Petersburg, FL
FL Lic:  73 SQBK
At 04:38 PM 2/23/98 PST, Toby wrote:
> The Innovations ones are a thick fiberglass and are
>rather inflexible.  The exterior surface isn't flat and smooth like I
>would've expected.  They also happen to be a smidgen too small in the
>mounting points and you have to drill the mounting holes yourself -- kinda
>a pain but to be expected when working with fiberglass products.  My right
>hinge cover only uses three of the four stock mounting points as there
>isn't enough material to cover the fourth hole.
>Would I recommend them?  Well, if your stock hinge covers are REALLY shot
>or nonexistent then, yes, get them.  But if your covers are still in good
>condition (maybe just need some paint?) then keep them.
>Total price came to $55, give or take about $5.
>    Toby Erkson
>    air_cooled_nut@pobox.com

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