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T3: Type III fastback!

(Remember to send posts to <type-3@umich.edu>!)


Greetings all,

        I'm writing to the list again maybe one of these times I'll get
a reply.
69 fastback that I purchased a few months ago is finally on the road and
running great!
It's been a long struggle to get her home (5 hours away) from west
Virginia, but she is doing the best I could ask of her at this point.

Anyway my questions are mostly related to anyone living in the Maryland
tri-state area but feed back from all over is always a bonus.

Maryland law for inspections allow no more than 1/4 inch play in your
ball joint.
My fastback measured 30,000ths on all four. Needless to say he failed
I looked at my ball joint's carefully and inspected them the best I
could in my driveway, and besides this car really handles well,
especially compared to bugs that I've owned.
Does anyone know weather or not there can be any free play in the ball
joint's or what Volkswagen might have to say about safe tolerances?
Also, if I really should replace them now I would like any help on
locating parts and I need to know if the ball joints on my 69 type III
fastback are standard with other front disk VW's

In Addition, I'll be at 75/80 speedway for the bug show in two weeks.
I'll be looking for parts and maybe taking bids on the rare bird of mine
anyone from this list should stop by and say hello. I'll be in the for
sale section, look for the Black w/white interior 69 fastback fully
automatic with the hand spray painted wheels (I got tired of looking at
the rust so I ruffed up and primed my steel wheels with the tires still
on a shinny silver, kinda dumb I know but what the heck!

Parts Wanted:
front ball joints
windshield & rubber
seat covers
tail light and front blinker lens
Dual carb set up/ with single port manifold

Keep on Keepin Dubs alive!
69 Type III Fastback, fully automatic running the balls!

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