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Re: Various

... Bodywork:
DamianC=> When I've got the sill down to bare metal, what do I do to the 
       => dark pitted areas where the rust was?

You'll do better to dig a little deeper until it's no longer dark -- 
*that's* bare metal. A brass wire wheel can do wonders. If you can't get 
it out, the rust converters are an OK compromise. Then apply body filler 
-- I prefer to use professional glaze coat for surface stuff like this, 
it's much easier to work and gives cleaner results. Buy from a body & 
paint supply, *not* Wal-Mart etc, and don't buy anything that says 
"Bondo" on it!

...cooling question:
AmbroziuK=> would it be right to disconnect the air ducts from the 
   => turbine which go to the heater boxes, and : 1. leave them open 
   => (vacuum sucking principle) , or : 2. block them hermetically (to 
   => improve the air flow to the cylinder cooling fins). 

If you do this, definitely put caps on or prepare for regret. But don't 
expect more cooling -- the effect will be more or less the same as 
simply closing your heat vents. The best things you can do for cooling 
is make sure all the engine tin is correct, in place and well fastened, 
that your intake boot is in good shape and properly clamped in, and that 
your oiling system is full, tight and clean. Also, while there is some 
disagreement among VW folks, most of us in AZ replace the stock tin bits 
between the cylinders and the pushrods with the aftermarket "cool tin" 

Your car is designed to handle heat and will do just fine if it's kept 
in good shape.

...i think i'm fu@ked:
MarioC=> a linkage pin.  if so how do I get to the damn thing and where 
   => do I get one?

Immediately in front of your transaxle there's a little door into the 
pan. Remove the screws. Either the door will drop or you'll have to pry 
it off 'cuz it's glued with crud. When it opens, your link pin screw will 
probably fall out and roll away, so be prepared to catch it.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KGhia 1600

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