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T3: Re: Again- outside mirror fix

Steven Ayres wrote:
> CharlieW=> I am trying to take the thing apart at the pivot point.
>         => ... no luck getting the screw portion out.
> OK, lessee, assuming your mirror is more or less the same as the three
> I've worked on, there are two fasteners that hold the thing together
> (leaving aside the one behind the mirror):
> * The first is a nut nested inside the plug on the door end. Take this
> off and a washer, spring and the plug will come off, leaving you with
> the mirror, the right-angle arm and the pivot shaft still together.
> * Screw off the pivot shaft cap as you described. The outer shaft will
> then slide off the bolt, which is part of the right-angle arm. If it
> doesn't slide off, it's because it's stuck. There isn't any more to take
> apart. All these parts can get rusty or corroded except the stainless
> mirror back.
> I hope this is more on the mark for you.
> Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ


Thanks for the help.  It was very rusty in there, WD-40 didn't cut it. 
But, liquid wrench did the job.  My problem was that there is a washer
inside the bottom end of the pivot point (where the screw-driver slotted
nut is)which is not round, but hexagonal to fit over the hexagonal
shaft.  It was REALLY stuck until the beloved liquid wrench.

So,  I now have it all apart!  Will clean the rust, lube it, reassemble
the good parts and have a cool passenger side mirror.

By the way, I'm not sure who posted a response to my previous question
about size of the actual mirror, but the diameter of this mirror is
about 3/8" larger than the passenger side.  It is still the rounded
shape of my '67 mirror, just slightly larger.  Was there an outside
mirror between the smaller '67 mirror, and the larger '70's square
mirror that this might have been intended for?  I can get the part# if
that will help someone determine year.


'67 Square
I may be a Muir Idiot, but I'm no imbecile!

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