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Re: ext. mirror help needed

Having resurrected one, I can tell you that at least on the one I
have, the arm is a plated die-casting with a steel nut threaded on an
integral stud inside the mirror back.  The stud broke off mine one day
just standing there in the carport and it  hit the ground, mirror was
gone, of course.  Moisture had gotten behind the mirror and rusted the
nut and corroded the threaded stud.  It also took off the silvering.
So what I did was tool on down to the local glass company and had them
cut me three 3"x5" pieces from some scrap mirror, it cost about $2.50
for the whole lot.  I then made a paper pattern and used a glass
cutter to outline it on the blanks.  I then made some radial scratches
and went to work with some parallel jaw pliers.  I ended up with one
good mirror out of 3 blanks, practice makes perfect.  I then cut the
remainder of the stud off the arm, drilled and tapped(freehand!)
1/4-28 for an allen head cap screw about 1" long(was what I had on
hand).  I put on a stainless washer and locktited the whole works into
position.  After cleaning and polishing the stainless back, I used
some clear silicone sealer to hold the mirror in around the edge.  No
interior sping or anything in there.  I had beveled the edge of the
mirror, before mounting,  like the OEM version, using a fine
carborundum stone in a bucket of water, took about 1/2 hour to get a
really close fit.  Total cost about $5.00 or so and it's stayed clear
for about 6 years now.  Beats what they charge for a right-side Type 3
mirror at the scrapyards and it looks good as new.  

So, yup, you've got to get the glass out, I suggest a paper bag and a
hammer. Hope that gives you some help.

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:29:12 -0800, you wrote:

>> I have two broken outside mirrors of which I am trying to make one good
>> one.  Does anyone know how to disassemble the entire thing?  Not remove
>> it from the door, but take the arm off, etc.
>I took a short look at the extra one I have laying around and my best guess
>is that you have to remove the glass to take off the arm, I'm assuming that
>there is a spring with a bolt on it behind the glass, which I've seen in
>other mirror setups.
>Have fun,
>Everett Barnes                   The Type II and III Experience 
>ebus@ebus.simplenet.com          http://ebus.simplenet.com/Volkswagen

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