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T3: Re: Green light on!

Have you checked the oil presure valves?  could they be stuck open?

I can't offer help on the full flow stuff, but a clogged filter "could" be
the problem.  Sure is a cheap test.  Try a new one and see.

Did the rebuild involve any "cutting" of the case?  loose shavings may
still be floating around...

Big Al


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>	o  It's got oil, and there are no visible leaks. (good)
>	o  If I ground & "open" the lead to the pressure switch, I can get
>the light to flash. (good)
>	o  Tried a known good pressure switch; light still on. (bad)
>	o  Turned over w/ starter, coil disconnected, oil pressure switch
>removed; about 10 seconds.  No oil poured out. :(  (Engine cold--is this
>just the oil cooler getting bypassed?  I've got a dual relief case.)
>	o  Got a Berg full-flow w/ the ~100psi(?) bypass pump cover.
>Removed the filter & cranked the engine over a few seconds; oil dumped out
>at the filter fitting!  Not gobs, but would have made a mess had I not put
>a bag under it.  (good)
>	It's only had one oil change since the rebuild--at a couple of
>hundred miles.  It's been, I think, over a thousand since then.  Could the
>filter have become clogged?  (It's actually got a small Bosch filter on
>there, not the Fram--don't ask.)

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