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T3: Project VW-CD.

---------------------- Forwarded by Boyd Drew/Bos/Teradyne on 04/02/98 08:41 AM

"Robert K. Kuhn" <kealoha@HOME.COM> on 04/01/98 11:28:16 PM

Please respond to Air-Cooled Volkswagen Discussion List

To:   Multiple recipients of list VINTAGVW <VINTAGVW@SJSUVM1.SJSU.EDU>
cc:    (bcc: Boyd Drew/Bos/Teradyne)
Subject:  Project VW-CD.

Ok ... In the last 12 hours since I posted my initial idea of a CD, I've
gotten at least 15 people willing to help out, Luis A. Pieretti(?) even
took the time to give me a call (which I thought was kinda cool; nice
talking with you!).
After further thinking and basic planning, I've come up with the following
layout.  The CD will have the following info --
I was looking at this CD as being an electronic VW magazine which would be
published every quarter or so (depending if there is enough interest and
data to keep it going).  A lot of us have web sites or at the very least
visit various web sites for info.  We also direct other people to said
sites when they are looking for help and advice.  Because not everyone has
a fast connection to the Internet, this would be a niffty alternative.

Picture Gallery
     Both air and water cooled VW's will be
     displayed along with a brief history
     (editorial) about the car.  Might even
     consider doing an "Editor's pick" and
     have a "featured" VW from the respected
     type (air and water).  I would also
     include pictures that people have taken
     of other VW's ... sort of "The strange
     and odd things that people do".  For
     example, a friend of mine saw a Golf/GTi
     where the owner had grown grass all over
     it.  Stuff like that.  I also have some
     hand drawn VW's that some of you have
     sent/shared with me.  I will include
     these along with anything else that's VW
     related (ie: VW post/greeting cards!).
Tech Articles
     This would be the hardest to pull together,
     but not too hard.  Just time consuming as
     the articles would have to be verified to an
     extent.  I was thinking about cutting and
     pasting various threads off the Vintage VW
     and H20 list.  I'm also hoping that those of
     you that subscribe to other VW oriented lists
     will help me out in this area.  I will also
     welcome stuff that individuals write.  These
     would come from those that have a wealth of
     knowledge but no web site to put it on.
     I've also been talking with some of the VW
     shoppes that I know of for thier assistance.
     These tech articles would cover things as
     simple as your basic tune-up and oil change
     to possibly the tear down of an engine or/and
     tranny.  I would also like to do custom and
     performance tips and tricks (like how to lower
     your VW the "right" way).  I might even see
     about getting some VW part makers to donate
     some info on how to install their products
     (such as installing an Autotech Sport Tuning
     cam or something).  I was also looking at
     a "series".  Some of you know that I have been
     planning my "Banzai" air cooled engine for the
     Type-I.  I've been selecting my components,
     doing as much research as I can as well as
     talking with others who have some experience
     with some of the stuff that I plan to use.
     With my digital camera, I could document the
     progress.  I would also encourage some of you
     that have a project car going on to do sort of
     the same thing .. stuff like that is what I
     am thinking for this part of the CD.
     Here is the fun part.  Many of you have shared
     great adventures with and in your VW's.  I would
     like to include some of your best adventures.  If
     you have pictures, great!  We'll include them!
     For those of you that have a nightmare/horror
     storie to share, we'll include it as well.  For
     example, there was this guy on the H20 list whos
     engine had litterally siezed up on him.  With
     very little cash on him, he managed to get the
     engine un-stuck and got almost all the way home!
     I would even consider short stories (fiction).
VW Clubs
     If you want your VW Club listed, give me the address
     and all the general info along with contacts and stuff
     like that.
Other VW people from around the world
      Being one of the WWWV's managers (WorldWideWolksVagen)
      I would like to include some of the stuff that's on the
      WWWV site.  One being the huge user data base.  I will
      need to talk with Pim.  If you're on the data base and
      would not like to be included on the CD, lemme know.
      Before I cut the first CD, I will send this reminder
      back out.  I would also like to see a VW parts
      manufacture directory of some sort.
Other stuff
      Other VW oriented web site address would be a must.
      If space permits, I would like to include some VW
      screen savers, icon's for your computer and other stuff
      like that.  Even include some sound files.  Some of you
      kooks have actually taken the time to record the sound of
      your engines.  (c=  Again, if space permits, I might
      include some AVI/QuickTime movies.  Perhaps I can talk
      my friend Shawn Meze to mount a cam in his car the next
      time he goes out on the track.  (c=  Some of you are like
      me in that I collect VW model cars.  Though I like to
      lower mine.  (c=  I would even do a Toy/Collectiable
      section.  Even a rarest of the rare type thing.  I was
      thinking about "Show reviews" where people would send me
      their view and feelings about a VW show that they went to.
Well, that's the jist of it.  Nothing is set in stone but the above is what
I was thinking about.  What also prompted this was a person contacted me
the other day asking how hard it would be to make a CD for his VW Club.  He
had seen and read about CD writers, but doesn't know all that much about
computers.  Some of the people in his club doesn't have access to the
Internet.  Some of the articles that they print in their newsletter comes
from various sites and lists.  Oddly enough, most of them had computers
with a CD in them.  I told him that it really wasn't all that hard and it
really doesn't cost all that much once you get the CDW.  I told him that I
would do a few for him to get him started and that's what sparked this
whole thing.
As to the platform issue (PC, Mac and Sun/Unix), since most of it will be
text and images, this should not present a problem.  I was even thinking
about giving the user the choice on how he/she wanted to browse/access the
CD.  I would include a simple Table of Contents (TOC) which would in the
form of plain text and make an HTML version so that the user could browse
the CD with his/her browser.

Today I was playing around with my CDW and was able to include some music
tracks as well. So for you musicians out there, I could possibly even
include some music tracks.  (c=
Anyway, all this is in the planning stages and I just got done drawing it
out on paper so that I can get a better idea as to what is invloved.  It
looks very doable.  But I will need some assitance in pulling this off and
that's where you all come in.  For the tech articles, just fire up notepad
or some other text editor and just type it out.  Don't worry about how it's
formatted.  Just check it for spelling and accuracy.
I will probably be setting up a "submission" section on one of my web sites
where people could submit their ideas, articles, images, etc.  Probably
will be on my "hooligan" site (which is also in beta).
I apologize for the length of this message.  I would also appreciate it
again for those of you that are on other VW lists to forward this (long)
The cost per CD would be about $3.00 (USA).  But it shouldn't cost more
than $5.00 (this would be if I had to ship over seas).
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to help out in
Email: kealoha@home.com
ICQ #: 3714283 (nickname: godzilla)
Phone: (760) 931-9200 x 2495 [Monday - Friday; 7am PST - 4pm PST]
Or I can call you, just leave me a number where I can reach you and the
best time to call.
Thanks again for all of you that have sent me your positive feedback and
comments as well as support!

Robert K. Kuhn
Systems Administrator/Web Slave
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
2292 Faraday Avenue Carlsbad, CA. 92008
[+1 760] 931.9200 x 2495, [+1 760] 931.9639 (FAX)
Email: kealoha@isisph.com ( .. or .. ) kealoha@home.com
 ICQ # 3714283 (nickname: godzilla)
  Web: http://www.isip.com/users/kealoha
...had this been an actual emergency, we would have fled in terror,
and you would not have been informed.
Project VW-CD.

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