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Re: fuel injection

>From: William Falkenbach <wmmary@pacbell.net>

>Thanks for the information on fuel injection. However nothing seems to
>have changed. After measuring the voltage at the regulator off idle, I
>get 14 volts. I can`t see 1/2 volt making that much difference in the
>mixture. Remember, it pegged the machine at 2500 rpm!! However, I could
>be wrong. If you care to reaffirm, I might be tempted to replace it. As
>for my intermittent power to the fuel pump relay (under the dash), I`ve
>checked all connections--they seem ok. I bypassed a wire from the fuel
>pump relay behind the rear seat to the one under the dash, per
>schematic, and no diffence. The fuel inj. trigger points were replaced
>not too long ago, so I know they are ok. Any other ideas, short of
>replacing the wiring harness? Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Your voltage sounds fine.  The relay under the back seat is the main power 

Are the compresssion, timing, both advance mechanisms working/correctly set? 
 At this point I would be thinking of swapping in alternate computers or 
pressure sensors, but it is VERY IMPORTANT not to just jump to the 
conclusion that it is a FI problem.

Make sure the spark plugs are not set too wide.  .025" works nicely; .028 is 
sometimes too wide.  The plug center electrode should have nice sharp 
corners; if they are rounded off replace them.  Make sure the HV wires are 
in good shape and the nose of the coil is clean.


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