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fuel injection

>From: William Falkenbach <wmmary@pacbell.net>

>Hello. As this is my first correspondence in this mail newsgroup, please
>bear with me. I have a couple of questions. 1971 Squareback
>1. Current does not seem to be getting to the fuel pump relay. Its been
>replaced. Currently, I have put in a manual switch but realize this is
>dangerous in case of an accident. I can hear the relay tripping
>intermittently as I drive. All connections seem sound & tight.???

The fuel pump relay under the dash is controlled by the computer in the LR 
fender.  It should run as long as the computer thinks the engine is running. 
 There are two things that can fool it: dirty trigger points in the bottom 
of the distributor that fail to make contact leading the computer to think 
the engine wasn't turning over; this would have to make no contact for about 
1 second before the computer would turn the relay off.  Second would be a 
loss of power to the computer.  This comes in via two conductors from the 
main relay under the back seat.  If one of these was intermittent, the fuel 
pump would trip off instantly each time the power disappeared.

Each of these would be accompanied by a complete loss of power for a moment. 
 Since you didn't mention this, I believe the problem is in the wire from 
the computer to the relay.  There is a connection in this wire.  It is one 
of those "clear" rectangular plug-in splices.  You will find it tucked in 
with the wires that cross the front of the engine compartment just to the 
left of center.  I would look there.

>2. I am also having trouble passing smog test. At idle CO is within
>specs but at the 2500 rpm test, it rises to 10% (5% is spec.) Could be
>the pressure sensor? Needs adjustment or replacement? Any suggestions
>where to find other than junkyard?

Check your voltage with the car running above a fast idle.  It should be 
14.1- 14.4 Volts.  If it is below 13.5 replace it with a genuine Bosch.  If 
the system voltage is low the FI will run rich.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
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                             Madison, Wisconsin

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