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RE: fuel injection

Welcome to the wonderful world of FI troubleshooting.  This is going to turn into a very intimate affair, but it is well worth it.  Don't 
get rid of your FI system, with some perservance you can get it to run well and long.  "Be patient young skywalker"

>Hello. As this is my first correspondence in this mail newsgroup, please
>bear with me. I have a couple of questions. 1971 Squareback
>1. Current does not seem to be getting to the fuel pump relay. Its been
>replaced. Currently, I have put in a manual switch but realize this is
>dangerous in case of an accident. I can hear the relay tripping
>intermittently as I drive. All connections seem sound & tight.???

I have a '71 Fastback and it has a inline fuse before the relay that has been known to pop on occasion.  But this did not cause 
complete FI failure, it just ran a little rich.  I believe it is was because the pump was NOT shutting off at idle.  I know that my '70 
Sqback does not have this inline fuse.  Maybe Jim A. knows it's exact function?

>2. I am also having trouble passing smog test. At idle CO is within
>specs but at the 2500 rpm test, it rises to 10% (5% is spec.) Could be
>the pressure sensor? Needs adjustment or replacement? Any suggestions
>where to find other than junkyard?

I am currently have this same problem with my '71 Fastback.  I was almost ready to try smog testing again when my plugs 
decide to become stuck in the heads.  I believe I fixed it by replacing the voltage regulator.  Ugh, you say, I did too, but 
everyone on the list says it one of the first things to check.  You should have 14.1v to 14.5v (Jim A. confirm numbers please) at 
the battery with an above idle RPM.  I had 13v and when I replace the regulator with a BOSCH it went to 14.3v or so.  And the car 
does not seem to be running rich anymore.  But I want to change the now fouled plugs but there stuck, tears, sniffle, tears....

Good Luck.
Craig Woolston
'70 Sqback and '71 Fastback

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