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Re: type IV into Type III?

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Lucas Penner wrote:

> I have been working on this same project for awhile.  My type IV motor was
> supposed to have come from a 914 but I think it is actually from a VW
> (maybe a 412?!).  The motor is in the car, I am still tracking down a left
> intake manifold so I haven't run it yet.  The fit is pretty tight and with
> carbs you'll never close the lid. 

Since I haven't even bought a car yet, this whole topic may be premature,
but I find it interesting anyway. I have a few questions - what type of
rear engine mount did you use (bus, stock type III, or ??)? The 914 uses 2
rubber "hockey pucks" spaced on either side of the oil pump. The mounts
attach to the case via 2 L brackets. What type of carbs are you using that
doesn't allow the engine lid to close? Since the early Tyoe III's used
dual single barrel carbs, shouldn't this work on a type IV motor too (and
allow the lid to close)? What about the rest of the tin, did it fit OK?
Did you use bus, 411, or 914 tin? 

> Anybody have any tips on the correct method of breaking in new rings,
> bearings & heads?

I've heard that you shoudl vary the rpm up from idle to 2500rpm and back 
down upon the first startup. Check out the Hoover Sermons.

Dirk Wright 		wright@pioneer.uspto.gov 	       1971 BMW 2002
"I speak for myself and not my employer."               1974 Porsche 914 2.0
"A real hifi glows in the dark and has horns."            1965 Goodman House

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