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Re: type IV into Type III?

I have been working on this same project for awhile.  My type IV motor was
supposed to have come from a 914 but I think it is actually from a VW
(maybe a 412?!).  The motor is in the car, I am still tracking down a left
intake manifold so I haven't run it yet.  The fit is pretty tight and with
carbs you'll never close the lid.  There will be a bit of cusom work to
make tin that joins the fan with the fresh air channel.  My '70 fastback is
automatic so I had to use a pressure plate from a automatic bus (hard to
find!)   I am no expert, but I will keep you guys posted as I hope to be
driving by the weekend.  I haven't driven that car in over 5 years!!!!!  

Anybody have any tips on the correct method of breaking in new rings,
bearings & heads?

Lucas Penner
70 fastback
65 split windows bus
65 pontiac custom sport
yellow moped with little "M"s all over it.
winnipeg, canada

> From: Dirk Wright <wright@pioneer.uspto.gov>
> To: Type III list <type-3@umich.edu>
> Subject: type IV into Type III?
> Date: Tuesday, May 27, 1997 7:25 AM
> I'm new to this list, so please pardon me for asking questions with 
> obvious answers..
> OK, I'm sure this has been addressed before (heck I don't even own one of

> these cars yet! - anyone know of a good squareback for sale in the Wash, 
> DC area?), so if there's an FAQ on putting a type IV engine into a Type 
> III car easily, please point me there. But, it looks like a good swap to 
> get an oil filter and a more reliable engine. I know the type IV engine 
> is heavier, but how much? I can lift my 914 2.0 litre engine fairly 
> easily, but I can't toss it around like a haybale or anything. I never 
> lifted a type I to compare, though.

> Dirk Wright 		wright@pioneer.uspto.gov 	       1971 BMW 2002
> "I speak for myself and not my employer."               1974 Porsche 914
> "A real hifi glows in the dark and has horns."            1965 Goodman


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