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Re: type IV into Type III?

I don't know about the reliability issue as I think my engines have been 
quite reliable.  And as for an easier, and better, oil filtration system 
you could install a full flow system like I did.  Of course it all depends 
upon what you want and the amount you're willing to spend, but it may be 
less expensive to just spiff up a T3 motor than stuff a bigger T4 in its 

However, if you are planning on putting a 914 engine in the T3 that would 
be kinda neat...!
     Toby Erkson
     '72 VW Squareback 1.6L bored and stroked to 2.0L
     '75 Porsche 914 1.8L for sale
     Portland, Oregon, USA

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Subject: type IV into Type III?
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    5/27/97 8:25 AM

I'm new to this list, so please pardon me for asking questions with
obvious answers..

OK, I'm sure this has been addressed before (heck I don't even own one of
these cars yet! - anyone know of a good squareback for sale in the Wash,
DC area?), so if there's an FAQ on putting a type IV engine into a Type
III car easily, please point me there. But, it looks like a good swap to
get an oil filter and a more reliable engine. I know the type IV engine
is heavier, but how much? I can lift my 914 2.0 litre engine fairly
easily, but I can't toss it around like a haybale or anything. I never
lifted a type I to compare, though.

Dirk Wright           wright@pioneer.uspto.gov             1971 BMW 2002
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