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Re: Fun with a Sqbk

On 30 May 1997, Jeff Carver wrote:

> he could change lanes by using the wing windows.  By opening the 
> right wing, the drag on the Sqbk is increased, the vehicle changes 
> it's heading and veers right.  The longer and farther out one pushes 
> the wing, the faster the lane change.  To straighten out, one uses 
> the wing window on the left to veer the Sqbk to the left.  It takes 
> LOTS more to correct a veering than it does to initiate.
> One time made too much of a lane change and the only way to keep it 
> from going too far was to open the driver's door.  Now, that adds 
> some drag!

Well....busses do it better!!:)

on a bus, the doors will accually ride open, due to the vacuum created 
around the sides..(not all the way open, but maybe 5 or 6 inches)
which makes it much easier to change lanes....a little door here, a lot 
more there...:)

We have been known to cruise around town doing exactly that...:) (or we 
just fly, which means holding the doors fully owpn with one foot..........)

Allways wear seatbelts when flying...:)


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