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Re: non-lister needs help w/ '67 T3

Greg Merritt wrote:
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>         Please respond to ORRPEOPLE@aol.com directly.  He's not on the
> list.
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> Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 21:47:33 -0400 (EDT)
> From: ORRPEOPLE@aol.com
> Subject: Restore '67 S.B.
> June starts the beginning of my restoration project.  I would like to keep
> the resto as stock as possible, however I am considering a two tone paint
> job.  Questions: 1. Did VW deliver two tone paint jobs?  2.  If so, what were
> the colors and what was the paint scheme? (especially during the '67 model
> year?)
> I don't have the magazine with me, but a guy in Texas (advertises in Hot
> VW's) install's air conditioning for Type III.  He says it draws only 1/2 hp
> from the engine compared to the 10 hp from the stock type piston compressors.
>  I.C.E. in San Diego only install's air for the Bug or Ghia.  By the way, it
> only costs a cool $2000.00 installed :(      Do you know any other air
> conditioning people closer to the West Coast???
>  Thanks,
>  Eric Orr
> Redding, Ca.

I`ve got a book called "Die grossen VW" that says some things about
two-tone paint scemes.
the first color is the car color the one in brackets is the roof color.
IŽll translate the color names from German into English, so I don`t
really know if they were called like that.

For the years 63/64 they are:
Rubinred    (black, white)
seablue     (pastell)
safaribeige (black, white)
black       (white)
pearlwhite  (black)
nutria (?)  (black, white)
birchgreen  (black)

The price was 85 Geramn Marks and it was only available on S models

For the years 65/66 the book says that the Variant 1600 L was available
with three different roofcolors that only have numbers as names. The
book doesn`t neither number nor what the color looked like.

There is only one picture here. There roof is painted till the
"rain groove" (I don`t know the English word), including the C-posts.
On the variant the roof only without posts.
For all the other years two-tone was not available.

Have fun with this information.

`69 square
`69 square
`69 bug

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