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Re: Turn Signal Switch Help

agoh@sprynet.com wrote:

> Does anyone has a good-condition and working turn signal switch
> assemble for sale?  I have a '71
> Fastback.
> I bought a set from Rocky Mountain, but discovered that they
> designed differently and do not fit
> mine.  The problem is the incompatibility between their wire pin
> connection and my female connector
> plug.  The connectors are located midway and outside the steering
> column in the level just below the
> dash.  My connector holes are lined-up alongside each other in a
> semi-circle line.  But Rocky
> Mountain supplied me with an assembly that has the pins that are
> arranged in two lines, one above
> each other in a semi-circle.  Furthermore, their assembly has fewer
> and shorter wires (and
> therefore, pin connections) which makes it difficult for me to
> modify the assembly to fit exiting
> female connector plug.
> Any help or advice from you all with me much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Andrew (in Seattle)

If I'm not mistaken there are several (3 or 4) types of turn signal
switch types. You need to know the exact year of your car and perhaps
even compare with the one you have now before you buy. You still can get
them new.

Bart Mertens

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