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It was a lot of fun, but virtually noooooooooo type III stuff. I got a
pair of brand new rear drums for my '72 SB, however, for $25 apiece,
saving me a total of 80 bucks, which was nice, but otherwise, not much. A
couple of rear fenders, one early door, and a nice guy named Dave who had
lots of stuff at home. I needa call him... The drag racing was excellent,
I must admit I was notably *absent* from the bikini contest (yecch!), and
the show was great. There were 2 busses owned by the guys at Izz's Safari
Windows which had me almost in tears, they were so perfect. And 3 really
mint notchbacks I'd never seen before, as well as a *bee-oo-ti-ful* navy
blue SB (belong to any of you?) sort of streeted out and lowered... A
lovely yellow and white SB owned by a sweet couple who I'd met at the San
Jose event, but who weren't by their car much during this event (licence
plate reads something along the lines of "her squareback"
super-shortened). It was really fun, really dusty, but, as most shows are,
not really helpful for Type III owners. Anyone else have any other


"This ain't no party! This ain't no disco! This ain't no fooling around!
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey... I ain't got time for that now!"

On Fri, 30 May 1997 VolksDoc@aol.com wrote:

> Did anyone make it to the Bug-O-Rama in Sacramento,CA last Sunday?  We try to
> attend Memorial Day and Labor Day events but couldn't get there this time.
>  Just wondering if there were any reports?
> Gunnar & Kathy
> '67 SQBK (Kathy's daily drive)
> '69 Beetle
> '71 Beetle
> '71 Bus

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