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RE: EEC System

> >I noticeds that the US cars were fitted with an evaporative emmission

	There's some sort of empty canister for overflow? under the left
front fender on my '71 square, but the actual charcoal canister is in the
rear above the tranny.  On Both T1 & T3, the charcoal canister gets fresh
air from the blower pumped through it; on my '71, it's picked off of the
left fresh air heater elbow immediately after at the fan housing.  On T1,
it comes off of the top of the fan shroud--on the right, I believe.  The
hose is ~1/2inch in diameter.

	Hmmm... I *think* that the air then flows to the air cleaner
after leaving the charcoal canister...  hmmm...

> >the intake system.
> >
> >My question is, are the parts available to fit this to my car?  I hear that

	It's a bit of a mess... you need all the bits to pass inspection
where controls are strict (read: California), but they're *not* readily
available.  They've pretty much all got to come from the junkyard.

	Guess what?  The charcoal canisters have a finite lifetime.
Don't think you can get new ones.  Fat lot of good it does to have
a 25-30 year old one on the car, then...!

> Both of my cars have this but in different places.  The Sqback has it
> under the engine deck lid on the left side and the Fastback
> has it under the rear passenger compartment mounted above the
> transmission.  I believe both are attached with a strap around

	My squareback is a '71 and has its charcoal canister in the
same location as your '71 fastback.  Perhaps the over-tranny location
is a '71 thing (as opposed to a *squareback* thing).

'71 squareback
'63 Beetle

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