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Re: Stupid Question: how to clean an engine

Well, the best way, of couse, is to remove the engine, strip the parts
off, taket the engine tin to a local powder coating shop, etc, etc. But
you weren't really asking about that, were you?

I'd take a little time arranging things:

   * Bundle wires together with garbage ties
   * Check that spark plugs are tight
   * Wrap the entire distributer in a large plastic bag
   * Generally plug holes and gaps with whatevers handy

... and let 'em have it with a few cans of Foamy Engine Brite from the
local auto shop. Let it sit for a while, and hose down _carefully_ with
a misting hose attachment.

Also, detaiol shops often offer steam cleaning. I've seen one engine
done this way, and it looked great!

Pamela wrote:

> Hi fellow type 3 fans!  I have a stupid question for you:
> Many of the replies to my "Help, my '73 squareback died" delt with the
> cleanliness of my engine.  It is very dirty honestly, and what is the
> safe way to clean it?  Is it safe to take it and pressure wash it? 
> Its
> still temp. out of commission.  Thank you in advance!
> Pamela Peeples
> '73 squareback (wounded)

Ford Donald


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