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Re: bugout Maple grove)

At 3:52 AM -0000 5/30/97, Cayson J Ellsworth wrote:
>Vents", among other atrocities.  Still I had thought about entering it in
>the under construction classes.  Any recommendations as to how best to do

	Hmmm... not sure precisely what you mean.

	When I pull up to the greeter at shows around here, I'm asked
"spectator?"  To which I reply "I'm entering the show!!!"  I'm then
directed in the show direction instead of the parking lot direction.
Usually there's a registration booth for the show cars.  For the cheap
shows (club shows) I pay to register; for the over-priced bikini
"competition" & drag race shows, I don't pay the $20 or whatever (on top of
the $12 entrance fee!  Argh!) to "show" the car; I just pull up & park it.
Around here, everyone's cool with that.  I'm sure the judges appreciate not
having to fill out a form for the beaters like I drive.

	I seem to recall at one of the larger California shows I attended a
number of years back that you could pay to just park, pay to park in the
show in the "hang out" area, or pay to park in the show in the competition

	But you know... last year at our club show (Michigan Vintage VW
Club), the former Thing (181)/Type III/IV class split to become the Thing
class and the Type III/IV class.  No Type IVs entered, and there was my
squareback (in its glorious dozen colors, including rust), a '69 square w/
very faded original paint a bit of rust, and two (!) rough T34s.  The 1/2
dozen clean 181s got to fight it out for their trophy... and my squareback
got the 2nd place plaque in the T3 category!  The fact that the show was
judged by all of the spectators probably had something to do with it; while
I didn't even *wash* my car before the show, it *does* have character... :)
My daughter now proudly displays the plaque in her bedroom.

'71 $500 prize-winning show squareback
'63 Beetle

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