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Re: personal D-Jet opinions (long)

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Keith Park wrote:

> I have been in the service industry and fix stuff without the print all
the time, its more of a pain but parts numbers and stuff can be crossed or
checked on a curve tracer.  I have even done reverse engineering and drawn
the schematic > which isn't hard with a 1 or 2 sided board. 

Maybe it's just me, but I find diagnosing and fixing fuel injection harder
than working with carbs. It's just a personal affliction, really :)

There are other people who have derived a schematic from the boards in 
the box. It's just too much work for me. 

> The only thing I see that will adversly affect things in a hopped up engine
> is the Vacuum you mentioned.  Aren't you changing the "engine specific" 
> inductance range by adjusting the tension on the spring in the MPS?? 

Maybe. I don't know whether there are differences in the size of the rion 
slug between different implimentations, for example. I don't know enough 
to comment any further.

> I'll
> admit there are limits, you cant get 300HP out of it!, but for a 1776 or
> say 100-110 HP hop up I think the FI will handle the range change just fine
> with adjustments.  I am only worried about the fact that the stock manifolds
> may be too restrictive and may need a custom setup.

You can't use a lumpy cam with D Jet and expect to have any kind of an 
idle. With cams with larger amounts of overlap, the vacuum dies at idle, 
so the fuel injection thinks that the engine is at WOT, makes the mixture 
much richer, which kills the motor. That's just one example of the 
problems facing someone wanting to hop up a D Jet system. I'm not saying 
they can't be overcome, I'm just saying it isn't easy. 

>    A 2L 914 Stock D-jet may also be very close to what a hopped up 
1776 may need > with just some tayloring with the fine adjustments.

You could just get a 2.0litre 914 engine and fuel injection and stick it
into whatever car you're working with, also. A 1776 would probably work 
good with the early 1.7litre 914 engine fuel injection parts.

Dirk Wright 		wright@pioneer.uspto.gov 	       1971 BMW 2002
"I speak for myself and not my employer."               1974 Porsche 914 2.0
"A real hifi glows in the dark and has horns."            1965 Goodman House

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