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Re: Hmmmm..... what to do...

Hello Jay

You will have to remove the door handle and remove the lock cylinder 
to see if it can be rescued. 

To remove the door handle: Open the door and carefully pull the 
rubber away from the area around the screw securing the door handle. 
The screw is supposed to be covered by a black plastic plug. If it is 
still there remove it by prying it loose with a screwdriver. Undo the 
screw and move the handle towards the front of the car. It might be 
stiff so lean on it a little. Once it is unhooked, remove it from the 

Now look at the handle. There will be a pin on the inside that 
engages with the internal works of the lock mechanism. This pin may be 
removed by undoing the screw that holds it in position. There is a 
tiny spring behind the pin. Don't loose it. After removing all the 
above, the lock cylinder may be withdrawn. Be cafeful not to let any 
of the tumblers fall out. Work some penetrating oil followed by 
some petrolium jelly (vaseline) into the lock cylinder. Also look at 
the bore in which it fits there should be a hook or a recess 
somewhere for the cylinder to jam against. If that is worn out you 
could just replace the handle alone. (Get one from a breaker's yard.) 
If you can get the lock working again, reassembly is a reversal of 
the disassembly process.

Hope this helps. Regards

Adriaan Loedolff
'69 Squareback Automatic (199 500 miles)

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