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Re: gas jitters


This may not be the answer to your problem, but our Square got the shakes
while accelerating, but especially while accelerating in 3rd and 4th gears.
I thought that I had checked everything including the gas filter, carb
synch, etc. when my wife suggested that we have the tires spin balanced.  

As the tire tech was taking one of the rear tires off of the square, he
called us over and showed us a large hump in the treads where the plies had
broken inside the tire.  (Hard braking?  Old age?)  The Dunlop tires
appeared in excellent shape otherwise.  Naturally, we replaced both rear
tires (and both fronts since then) with new tires and the problem
disappeared immediately.  

Even though I maintain our Variant, I had taken some of my mechanic friends
for a ride for them to experience the shakes.  One said that the distributor
was bad and the other said that I was running too rich.  Neither of them, as
I, were able to find the source of the problem.  

Moral of the story?  When stumped, ask your spouse.

the >Hi Volks,
>Anyone have any ideas on why my FB has the jitters when cruising -
>mostly in 3rd/4th, and mostly when I'm accelerating a tiny bit.
>Hope that makes sense.
>Also, I'm going blue in the face trying to change down into 2nd without
>grinding/clunking.  Local VW mechanics rave about its great
>gearbox/clutch, and politely suggest it might just be my driving.  But I
>love my FB, and I'll do anything to please it.  :)

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