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T3 Sick & tired...

Need to vent, volks...


	ever call the parts house & the tell you that the part you *know*
is Type III only is "just the same as a bug... right?"

	The VW rags aren't much better sometimes... a recent VW Custom &
Classic described a lowered squareback as having weld-in adjusters
installed in its link pin front end.  Ugh.

	Now the May '97 issue of Trends, in the letters section, tells
somebody w/ a '72 squareback that his problems may be due to a faulty air
box, or an air flow flap that's sticking.  Unfortunately, air flow control
injection appeared on Types I & II, never on Type III.  Somebody else w/ a
'63 Notch writes inquiring about where to find a manual... Trends suggests
any repair manual covering a '63 Beetle, as they're "90% the same."  Hmmm,
different front suspension, body, interior, brakes, crankcase, induction,
exhaust, electrics, you name it.  Oh, the swing axle tranny section is
probably the same.  90% the same?  Try 90% different.

	I wonder how many of their advertisers sell the 1963-73 T3 Haynes
manual?  Did they ever think of that?!?  Not to mention that the later T3
Bentley would probably be much more useful than the '61-'65 Beetle Bentley.

	Argh!!!  "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to
educate your Beetle & Bus friends in all things Type III..."


'71 squareback
'63 Beetle

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