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Re: Oil Grade ?

From: jadney@vwtype3.org (Melissa & Jim)
>>From: Roland.Greppmeir@t-online.de (Roland Greppmeir)
>>By the way, I usually use 15 W 40 oils. Tempratures in Bavaria rage from 
>-20 C to 30 C
>That sounds like a good choice, but I don't ever remember seeing that 
>combination here.

15W40 was recommended by the dealer when my '90 Dodge Caravan V6 was new.
I've used it ever since.  But for some reason, it's not available on the
shelves even though I've heard it recommended for turbos and other
applications.  I a buy popular brand by the case from a local distributor.
Usually 2-3 cases at $11 to $15 per case.

I'm in Phoenix where the heat is brutal in the summer and I do a lot of
highway driving. I use 15W40 all year with oil changes every 3000 miles, and
after 150000 miles, I lose maybe a half quart between oil changes.  I'm not

Now, I have a '72 SB (Primary Owner) total project that I'm getting ready to
install a rebuilt engine/tranny.  I was told that, since I am looking for
engine reliability and longevity, 15W40 would be good, but 20W50 would be
better and 2000 miles for oil changes would be imperative.  Up to about 10
years ago, I was switching between 30W and 40W depending on seasons.  Now,
even for the air cooleds, mechanics don't hesitate to recommend the
multi-grade oils because of their vastly improved durability and resistance
to heat degradation.

Anyway, notice I'm not pushing brands :). I'm just relating my experience,

(Been lurkin' here for some time while doing my project.  There have been
excellent ideas and suggestions here.  I'll do more participating   ...I
think I 'bout have this headliner thing figured out :)

Bill Clark
'72 T3 Squareback (Making a comeback)
'59 Porsche 356A 1600 Coupe (Long since lost victim of the Rust Grinch (sigh!))

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