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Re: Oil Grade ?

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>Subject: Oil Grade ?
>Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
>Date:    5/21/97 10:51 AM

>Okay, I have gotten conflicting advice and now I need
>to be straigtened out.

>What Oil should I use?

>One person says "Use only SAE 30"

>Another says "Use 20-50.  30 breaks down too fast"

>Based on the first advice, I've been using
>30 weight oil the whole time.

>What do I need to know about oil before taking a
>loaded van on a 3000 mile trip?

>Is there something else I should know about oil
>for a daily driver type3 in Texas in the summertime?


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Im Roland from Germany and Im a member of this mailing list since today.
So I have received my 1st 15 mails and in some I read about this oil problem.

Ive been driving aircooled veedubs for more than 10 years now and Ive always used the
cheapest oil that I could get. With this oils I have went to Rome ( 4000 km there and back ),
I have climbed the mountain Grossglockner to 2577 meters altitude, I drive it summer and
winter. Once with a beat up bug, I wanted to find out what happens if you never change the
oil again ! After more than 100,000 km my test was over, beacuse the car had major rust holes,
but the engine was still running ( Usually I don`t do things like that ).
The only thing that I always make sure is, that the car has always enough oil, that`s all about
By the way, I usually use 15 W 40 oils. Tempratures in Bavaria rage from -20 C to 30 C


`69 squareback
`69 fastback
`69 beetle

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