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Re: Oil Grade ?

Hello Jay

I am affraid that you will now have to drain ALL the oil in your 
engine and refill it with a good quality monograde oil. Also 
remember that the Volkswagen engine was never designed to use 
multigrade oil.The reason for NEVER mixing any additive of any sort 
with the engine oil is because the Volkswagen engine only holds 2.5 
litres (4.4 pints imp.).Before the oil passes through the engine it 
goes through the oil cooler where it is brought to the correct 
operating temperature, so the engine uses it's oil both as a coolant 
as well as a lubricant. If you remove part of the oil, say 500 ml. 
and you replace it with something that isn't oil, you end up with 
having 20% less oil than you need to effectively lubricate and cool 
your engine. This may have serious consequences especially in an 
older engine. 

To change the engine oil is one of the easiest maintenance jobs on 
the car. You need a sump gasket kit and a good quality engine 
oil. When you look at the bottom of the engine you will see a 
round plate that is held fast by six 10mm nuts and also has a large 
drain plug 19mm in it's centre. Remove the centre nut and let the 
old oil drain out. Remove the six smaller nuts and take off the cover 
plate. Don't worry if some of the studs come out with the smaller 
nuts, that almost always happens. When the cover is off the oil sieve 
may be removed if it didn't already fall out. Clean the oil sieve and 
the cover plate thourghly with petrol or pariffin. Also clean the 
mating surface on the crankcase with a lintfree rag. With the 
cover and sieve off, check that the oil suction pipe isn't loose 
inside the case. Get the two round gaskets out of the sump kit and 
coat them with a thin layer of clean engine oil. One gasket goes 
between the oil sieve and the crankcase, the other between the sieve 
and the cover plate. Replace the six 10mm. nuts and remember to put 
the new copper washers between them and the cover plate and tighten 
it evenly. Put the new large copper washer on the sump plug and 
replace the plug. Do not overtighten the sump plug! Refill the engine 
from above. Once all the oil is in, wait a few minutes and then start 
the engine. Check that the oil warning light goes out. Let it idle for 
a minute or so then shut it off. Wait approx. 5 minutes and check the 
oil level. Anywhere between the two marks is fine.

Hope this helps


Adriaan Loedolff
'69 Squareback Automatic (199 400 miles)

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