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re: Help:What year is it?

Mjloren@aol.com Wrote:
| Hey guys-
|      For a while I have thought that my type 3 is a 68', 
| but, I have had bad
| luck with alot of parts not fitting. Is it really a 68'? 
| How can I tell? Any
| quick way to find out quickly? 

Check the chassis No./VIN No.  The first 3 digits will give you the year 
number of your vehicle. ie 368 is a 1968 Squareback. (the 6 means body style 
not year.)

|      Also, I just purchased a German type, type 3 muffler. 
| It came only with
| the muffler and no tail pipe. Then I spent another 20.00 
| and got the tail
| pipe. Only the tail pipe, not the dampner. I had no idea 
| that they were
| sperate pieces. So I spend another 20.00 and get the 
| dampner. Now, I go to
| install it and the dampner is to short to reach the 
| mounting bolt under the
| apron. The end of the dampner also seerms not to fit in 
| the muffler well. The
| muffler's hole is bigger than the dampner end. What else 
| do I need? Missing a
| part? 

Where did you get the Muffler?  I thought they didn't exist anywhere anymore.

|      Last thing. Where is the cap to drain the oil so I 
| can change it?
Oil should drain from the small stud in the bottom of the sump.  Round sized 
piece in the middle of the bottom of the engine with a stud in the centre.  
Just remove the stud and the oil will come out.  Refill it through the 
dipstick on the back of the engine which is mounted to the body.

Hope this helps.


'72 Notch
'73 Square
'83 Sigma

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