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Re: Dash Tip

I just found a product sample at my FLAPS for a product called 303 
Protectant.  It's primary focus is on being a UV 
protective product.  Sounds reasonable, anybody tried it?

I searched the net a few months back to get this kind of info with 
little luck.  Probably didn't use right keywords.  Trying to find 
tips on detailing.

What I did find 
was several people REALLY bad mouthing Armorall.  Apparently the 
silicone in there looks good, but damages the vinyl.  One suggestion 
I found was to use leather products.  But I have reservations on 
that, due to the petroleum products in there.  I tried some leather 
waterproofing stuff on my bus's side door interior vinyl.  No static 
induced dust collection, and it still looks great a couple of months 
later.  Didn't do anything for the hard plastic stuff though.

Haven't tried the 303 sample yet, but the brochure indicates that it 
doesn't contain silicone nor petroleum stuff,  It's been around since 

- Jeff

> But a buddy of mine told me that some vintage guys told him to apply a 
> really high rated sun blocker/tanning lotion.  The kind with the really 
> high blocker number.  Any thoughts from the list on this suggestion?

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