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RE: Es ist gut noch ein Deutscher Freund zu haben!

>Hi, Roland,

>Ich muss sagen dass dein Englisch ist perfekt!

>Was sagst du ueber oel und dein Experiment ist sehr interessant.

>Ich rede, lese und cann Deutsch sprechen, aber schreiben ist etwas 

>I have several friends in Germany and my daughter Regina lives and works 
>in Frankfurt/Main.

>My friend Andreas Gerold lives in Mannheim/Schoenau and works for MB bus 

>I live in New Jersey (USA) and am associated with Volkswagen clubs for a 
>long time. My specialty - combustion heaters (Standheizungen)- made me 
>to be known to many people. I repair, restore, buy and sell heaters for 
>all kind of cars, buses.

>I find heaters on shows, some people offer heaters. But this supply is 
>very unpredictable. 

>In Germany still there are sources of heaters and parts. I hope that 
>some day I will find somebody willing to help me. Andreas is helping, 
>but I need more help. 

>Certainly I will pay for help. Usually Regina pays in DM.

>Her address        mirvis@pop-frankfurt.com

>I am interested in all kind of Webasto and Eberspaeher heaters, used and 
>almost new. The biggest demand here is for Eberspaeher BN2 AND BN4 
>heaters.  I have an urgent need for Dosierpumpen fuer BN2 and BN4.      

>I will appreciate your opinion about future cooperation.

>Bis bald,

>ARK MIRVIS    heaterman@nac.net

>1972 Squareback
>1987 Westfalia
>1981 Jetta Diesel
>1985 Jetta Diesel

Hi Ark,

Your German writing isn`t that bad. 
I learned English at school. I did my Abitur (college ?) in that subject. I had to read Shakespeare and stuff
like that. And, Im married to a native American. Also we`re married for 5 weeks only, we`ve been living
together for more than 7 years. That helps to keep your English alive...

About heaters:

I own a BN2, one of my friends does, but we don`t want to sell ours. Some of my friends are also looking
for heaters, but you don`t see that many on swap meets. If I hear about something that might help you,
I let you know !!
Parts for those heaters is even harder. Usually when you find a BN2 or 4, they are incomplete.
 `69 squareback
 `69 fastback
 `69 beetle

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